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desperate people and tumblr.

one of the most popular things i’ve been seeing around tumblr are writings and reblogs from desperate guys and girls. it’s not bad at first, but once i start seeing it every day for about three months straight then we have a problem. a majority of people would tell me to simply unfollow the people posting these things if i don’t like it, but they’re my friends. i enjoy following them, but it gets to a certain point where things get bothersome for me and maybe even for other people as well. it’s fine if you need a place to share your problems. sure, tumblr is great for expressing your feelings to the world through writing but it’s not necessary to post something every minute about how you want somebody or wish to cuddle with someone. the reason why that’s not happening is because you need to sit down and realize that you fucking suck balls and have no game! not saying that i have game, but i don’t feel the need to share whatever loneliness i have on tumblr every time i get the chance to. it’s just not necessary, just take a look at this for example:

I’m so tired of being lonely

it’s posts like these that i find irritating. sure, you’re tired of being lonely but you also aren’t helping yourself by posting it on the internet. tumblr isn’t the answer to your problem, in fact it’s probably the worst social network to try and solve it on. there’s always something else you can do about it, something much more efficient. sure, it’s easier said than done but sitting on the internet looking for attention with depressing posts isn’t going to help you at all. in fact, it only makes things worse. the more you tell yourself you’re lonely, the more lonely you’ll feel even though you are truly not. there’s always friends and family around you, people who you will value more in life than a partner at an early age. it’s pretty basic.


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